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Welcome to, where the world is your playground. Maps have offered travelers and explorers the luxury to travel all over the world at their own pace. With several advances in technology, the maps have gotten better and better with plenty of additional information available. There are several types of maps available like world maps, road maps, geographical maps, thematic maps, political maps, relief maps and so on. Travelers are more concerned with road maps a, as this gives them a sense of direction while travelling to new places.

Travel Maps For The Adventurer In You

A travel map or a road map consists of roads and transport links similar to a political map. It also displays prominent geographical information, helping you decide which route is more picturesque. Road maps also usually consist of several different points of interest like tourist sites, historical buildings, parks, hotels, restaurants, recreational facilities, public transportation facilities and so on. As long as you have handy travel map you have the freedom to travel at your pace. You don’t need to stick to an itinerary. You get to indulge in the landscape and the culture before moving on to the next place. You can also look up hikes and trails on road maps if you would rather spend your time walking through wilderness to enjoy Mother Nature in all her glory.

Different Kinds Of Travel Maps

Travel maps come in different shapes and sizes. You can find the single page, small maps that offer an overview of the entire region. But if you are looking for a more detailed map, folded maps are the way to go.  Electronic mas have become quite popular in recent years due to the versatility it offers in addition to the level of detail it offers to the users.

You can also find separate city maps that can be helpful if you are new to the city and want to explore around on your own. A road atlas is made up of several pages of maps consisting of different cities. You can get country or region specific road atlases according to your requirements.

In recent years, online maps with the help of GPS have blown off literally every map on the planet. But if our battery runs out, the paper road map becomes your best buddy. This is why seasoned travelers always advise you to carry road maps of the new places that you are getting ready to saunter off to. So don’t make the rookie mistake of relying solely on your electronic devices for travel direction, go old school and look up directions on your paper map.

We at strive to offer the best maps for travelers. Our maps are filled with all the latest routes and are up to date with the latest route changes. We have also included plenty of information about out of the way sites that will interest tourists like yourself. So if you ready to really get to know the new place you are travelling to, our map will soon be your best friend!