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Millennial travelers are looking for thrill and adventure in every tour and there are hundreds of destinations across the globe that can cater to your needs. Travel agents, travel websites and tour experts craft some of the most happening travel destinations every year. These places are definitely conversation starters suitable for all age groups. Check out what is the best travel itinerary this 2018. Some of the places are perennial favorites where there is always some place new to hang around.

Tropical delight – Thailand
If you are looking for sunny beaches inhabited by rich flora and fauna, exclusive archaeological site, Buddhist monasteries and temples, Thailand is the place to be. The place is infested by vibrant and colorful festivals, exciting nightlife, mouth-watering cuisine, delectable and some of the best shopping. The tourism revenue of the country attributes to 20.2% of the GDP and it is estimated that by 2032, the country will have over 100 million tourists.

Rainforest bliss – Malaysia
Malaysia is located in the Southeast Asia. The place is infested with rainforest and the green cover is mesmerizing. There are some exotic beaches that catch the attention of the travelers. The tourism industry has taken a paradigm post 1990 when the tourism program was introduced in the nation. It is among one of the largest visited tourist destination in the world.

Sunshine nation – Mexico
Mexico located in North American continent is renowned for its beach resorts. During the recent years tourism is flourishing in the region, thanks to the endless sunshine, sandy beaches and scintillating scenic beauty. The place also has UNESCO world heritage sites that bring travelers to explore these treasures. Most of the tourists are from the United States and there is an increasing influx of tourists from European Union as well.

A land of proud history – Germany
Germany is the 7th frequently visited country by tourists around the globe. Tourism alone contributes to 4.5% of the economy and has created 2 million jobs in the sector. Some of the most visited cities in Germany include Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. There are protected areas in Germany like Jasmund National Park, Saxon Switzerland and Western Pomerania Lagoon Area that appeals millions of visitors annually.

A rich heritage – United Kingdom
The place is the cultural capital of the world. The country ranks 6th in tourism and generates $17.2 billion from the industry. Most of the visitors are from Europe and the United States. Domestic tourism also is thriving in this region. Among other cities, London us the most frequently visited city in the country. The Tower of London is the most popular among the tourist destinations.

The iron wall – China
Early tourism was restricted in the region but recently the gates are open and tourism is flourishing both in terms of business tourism and leisure tourism. Some of the must visit places in China includes The Great Wall of China, Shaolin Temple, Three Gorges, Forbidden City, Huangguoshu waterfall and other historical places. The region is turning into a desired tourist destination with 55.6 million visitors in the year 2014 and earned $45.8 in 2010. The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has estimated the region will become number one tourist destination by the year 2020.

Mediterranean sensation – Spain
One of the most visited countries in the world, Spain stands second in the list. The earnings from tourism contribute to about 11% of the GDP. Most of the visitors are from the neighboring countries. The heritage cities like Madrid and Barcelona are must visit destinations. The Mediterranean coast is home to some luxury resorts. Some of the most popular festivals in the region are Bull fight and carnivals. The cities in Spanish have rich nightlife and are tourist hotspot. There are 13 Spanish cities that have earned the UNESCO World Heritage Sites status.

A worthy American holiday – The United States of America
The country has host of attractions and is the ideal travel destination for global traveler. The world class cities like New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles have tourist round the year. The Haawaiian beaches, Alaskan ice wonders, Grand Canyon, Hollywood, Yellowstone National Park and much more. Tourism is among the top three industries in 29 states and contributes heavily to the GDP.

UNESCO wonders – France
The leading tourism destination in the world, France has 37 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and has a universal appeal. 9.7% of the nation’s GDP is from tourism sector. Paris is the favorite on the tourism list.

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