Here’s How Our Maps Help You!

The prime purpose of a geographical map is to convey location and direction information to people. They are clear depictions of geographic locations in two dimension. The most widely used maps nowadays are navigational maps which include road maps, aeronautical and nautical charts, railroad network maps, etc. We hold an extensive range of maps which you can view online and use for your travel purposes. We also provide travel and accommodation facilities on prior booking.

Our aim is to make your travel to new places easier and hassle-free. How difficult it would be to stop frequently to clarify about directions and route while you are on a journey! Our maps enable you to travel without worries and confusions. The following are the particular categories of maps that we have.


Road maps are the most popular type of maps. They show route details such as major and minor highways, places like airports, the location of cities, and other places of interest like parks, monuments, etc. Different colours and schemes are used for clear indication.

Physical maps

Physical maps show the physical landscape properties of a place. They show features like mountains, rivers, lakes, etc. Blue is the colour used to show water bodies. Green indicates lower elevation and brown indicates higher ones. Different shades ranging from orange to brown are used to show different elevation ranges.

Topographic maps

Topographic maps and physical maps are similar in many aspects. The difference is that the former makes use of contour lines instead of colours to show landscape features. The spacing between the lines is varied to display elevation changes. For example, a steep terrain is indicated by lines spaced close together.

Interactive maps

We have interactive features clubbed into the roadmaps to enhance the navigation experience. The speciality of interactive maps are that along with visual instructions, vocal guidelines are also there which makes it easy for you while driving. The oral instructions are helpful especially if you are travelling alone. Using them, you need not deviate your attention from driving to look at the map.

Primary uses of maps

Maps are of extreme importance to geographers and other professionals in related fields. The road maps are the one mostly used by common man for travel purposes. Roadmaps enable easy navigation through busy roads with heavy traffic. Interactive maps take the convenience a few steps ahead by giving vocal instructions regarding the routes.

Our maps are also used by online shopping sites such as Flipkart, Amazon, I Love Diamonds, etc. They use our maps as guidance while going for product delivery in unknown and remote locations. The road maps and street maps provide them with exact location details and thereby helps them in timely delivery of their products.

If your purpose is not just travelling, but something else like business requirements, then business maps are the one you need. You can learn more about business mapping at

In short, maps are real saviours when it comes to finding the way in an unknown place. Make use of these wise tools and make your life easier!

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