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Making The Most Of Travel And Leisure At These Stunning Destinations In India

It is important for every individual to take a break from their hectic routine and chill, relax, explore the real world. One feels refreshed and gains knowledge while travelling to different places. Indian is well known for its tourist spots. There are number of places one should visit before going to the grave. Starting from Chadar in the north to Coorg in the south to Goa in the west and to Sunderbans in the east there are number of amazing places in India.

North India
Chadar- The Frozen River Trek
It is rated to be one of the best thrilling experience one can ever witness. The Chadar trek links villages located in the valley of Zanskar with icy Zanskar river. It gives you once in a blue moon experience which one never forgets. It makes you physically and mentally strong before reaching the destination.

Manali- Leh Road Trip
It is commonly known as “Mecca” of road trips. It has always been the best road trip for everyone. Whether it is a group or a single person trip, it outgoes the entire trekking trips in India. The striking feature is that it is adventurous to the visitors and has a mind blowing nature. Also the simplicity of people living there is very good.

It is one of the mind blowing tourist region in India. It’s mountains are covered with snow and waterfalls. The nature and the people who live there steal the show.

West India
The breath taking beaches, late parties, drinks, etc marks this place as one of the best holiday spot in India. Whether it is a family trip or a honeymoon trip, one selects Goa as their first choice. It also has some additional features like ancient architecture, all kinds of cuisine, yoga classes and many more.

It is a city where people barely sleep. Late night parties, malls, cricket matches, beaches, etc makes this city more colorful. One must not miss the chance of going to this city as it tops list of tourist spots.

Rann of Kutch, Gujarat
Although being remote, it attracts a lot of tourists like any other famous tourist spot. This place is known for its world’s largest salt desert. The beauty of the desert reaches its zenith in the early October and in the remaining part of the year the water bodies in the locality begin to dry up. The other important spot is the Kala Dungar which is commonly called the black hill. One enjoys divine experience on the top of the hill which has an altitude of 458 metres approximately.

East India
It is a place in West Bengal which receives rainfall almost throughout the year. It is place covered mostly with mangrove forests and is the home for various animals like monkeys, huge pythons, chitals and many more. UNESCO also declared it to be a World heritage site and it stretches across India and Bangladesh. The National Park is also the home of 400 wild tigers.

The place is known for its mindboggling beauty and serene nature. This place comprises of the two most important places of India namely, Cherrapunji and Mawsyram which are places receiving the highest amount of rainfall. The snow caped mountains, perennial streams ,high hills, cryptic caves and undulating waterfalls refreshes the mind of every tourist and rekindles their souls. s

South India
It is a place situated near the valleys of the Tungabhadra River which is in the Bellary district of Karnataka. This place is declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Known for its historical significance, antiquated temples and esteemed monuments, this place attracts a lot of tourist, especially those who have keen interest in studying the architectural beauty of India. This place is also best suited for rock climbing and trekking.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Comprising a group of 572 islands, this place is known for its spellbound beauty and admirable water bodies. From having the best of constantly changing oceans and lakes with submerged boats and beautiful fishes to those slopping volcanic hills with raven magma, the place has contrasting features that every tourist enjoys witnessing.

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